Sun Island Brown Rice Dark (bottle) - 10lb

Sun Island Brown Rice Dark (bottle) - 10lb
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Manufacturer: Sun Island
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Samaayu Herbal Soup(Kola Kanda) - Karapincha - 50G

Asians possess the sacred belief that the Karapincha (Murraya koenigii) plant cures a myriad of ailments. The Samaayu Karapincha herbal porridge is sugar free.

Nestle Nestamalt - 400G

Nestle Nestamalt - 400G

Samaayu Herbal Soup(Kola Kanda) - Gotukola - 50G

The sugar free Samaayu Gotukola product is made of Gotukola (Centella asiatica) that has been trusted by generations of Sri Lankans to be their regular highlight of wellbeing.
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